There’s more funding coming for programs at our local hospitals. CEO Varouj Eskedjian says the Central East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) just announced more money for the Adult Day program and the Palliative Care Community Team.

The LHIN is giving $50,000 to the Adult Day program which Eskedjian says will allow them to add 10 more people from their wait list. He also says the Palliative Care Community Team is getting an annual increase of $13,000 to their budget. In both cases, Eskedjian says it’s also opening up a new job.

In order for them to get the funding, Eskedjian says they had to submit proposals to the LHIN requesting the money. He’s attributing their successful applications to their innovative approach to providing better care.

Eskedjian says the LHIN is also investing in a telehomecare program, which will be launched in Haliburton County. He says the program will allow them to bring technology into a patient’s home.

He says they’re in the very early stages, but is hoping it will start early in the New Year.