The municipality of Minden Hills would like to remind residents oil, anti-freeze and hydraulic lubricant containers are accepted at the landfill sites in Minden Hills.

They say the service is free for residents.

The following considerations are requested by the township when bringing containers:

  • Ensure that all pails and containers are empty of liquid. Only a small residue should remain.
  • Remove all pail lids and place lids in the bags with the oil jugs.
  • Do not put pails in the bags.
  • Ensure that all pail lids are metal free.
  • Stack pails. Keep the lid on the top pail to prevent liquid from gathering in the pail.
  • Replace the cap on all oil jugs after draining. This prevents pooling of oil in the bottom of the bag.

For more information, contact the Environmental and Property Operations Manager at [email protected].