A Hold and Secure situation that ended up affecting every school in the TLDSB district was handled well between the board and police.
This from Director of Education Larry Hope as he reported to his fellow board members in December.
Hope says after the threatening tweet was received on December 9th there was a lot of clear communication between school officials and officers.

He says the school received a lot of questions from parents during the incident, however officials had to keep a lot of information under wraps to allow the police to find and arrest the person responsible.
Hope says social media affected the investigation as well as students quickly passed along details through sites like Facebook and Twitter.
He says there were a few things learned by officials from this experience, which will be used to help provide quicker updates to parents if this happens again in the future.
About 90 minutes after the Hold and Secure was put in place, police arrested a 16-year-old male from Gravenhurst.