Highland East’s Reeve says he is quite pleased with the results from the municipality’s septic re-inspection program.

Dave Burton says it is great news that 74 per cent of septic tanks inspected by six lakes were deemed low risk.

Since May 1st, teams have been inspecting tanks on: Little Glamor Lake, Glamor Lake, Billings Lake, Trooper Lake, Stormy Lake and Tamarack Lake.

According to the inspection report, 12 per cent of septic systems inspected are considered high risk or very high risk.

The criteria to determine risk is based largely on the condition of the tank.

The last area the septic re-inspection team will be visiting is Koshlong Lake and they should complete that later this month.

Burton adds anyone who received a report of a high risk, or very high risk system can expect a letter from the municipality on how to rectify the problems.

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