Jamie Schmale says he and the Conservative Party are against closing tax loopholes for self-employed people.

The Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock M.P. says he has heard from residents in Haliburton who are concerned about two amendments to the Income Tax Act.

One is stopping income sprinkling, which allows self-employed people to give family members a salary to reduce the amount of taxes payable.

Schmale says he’s worried about the effect this will have on entrepreneurs if passed.

Schmale says another concern residents have is the government’s proposal to eliminate the lifetime capital gains tax exemption for farmers.

He says farmers rely on the extra income for retirement and expects food prices to rise if the liberal tax plan is passed.

Schmale says Finance Minsiter Bill Morneau should not be doing public consultations during vacation season.

The consultation period runs until October 2nd.

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