Haliburton County and owners of commercial land along County Road 21 are at odds.

Haliburton Home Hardware Owner Jerry Walker is looking to move from downtown to a yet-to-be built location on County Road 21 near Industrial Road.

All businesses along the west side of the road need a left hand turning lane to keep traffic flowing.

Walker and his business partner Jamie Chisholm hired an engineering firm to do a traffic review and the report says a left turn lane is not necessary.

Walker says this will add significant expenses to the development.

County Warden Brent Devolin says according to county staff, the cost to add a left hand turning lane would be in the ballpark of $90.000.

Devolin adds the county’s request for a turning lane is something other businesses had to do, including Tim Hortons.

Walker is also working to hammer out a site plan agreement with the Municipality of Dysart et al.

According to the site plan agreement presented to council, an L.C.B.O. store would be part of the development.