Environment Canada is looking to train volunteer weather spotters in the county.

Meteorologist Geoff Coulson was a guest of Environment Haliburton at this week’s Enviro Café, which is a monthly seminar involving a speaker on environmental issues.

Can Warn is a volunteer organization that trains weather spotters in different areas on what to look for when reporting conditions to Environment Canada.

Coulson says anyone can be a volunteer once they are trained.

Coulson says information shared by a weather spotter carries more credibility than someone posting a photo of a funnel could on social media.

At the end of the presentation in the Village of Haliburton, Coulson asked the crowd if there would be an interest in having a Can Warn training session in the county.

Coulson said he would look into bringing a training event to Haliburton in the late spring.

He adds having spotters in smaller communities will help make Environment Canada’s weather reports more accurate.