A tax hike could be in the budget for Minden Hills ratepayers.

According to the township’s second draft budget and amendments approved by Council for the next draft, an 8.73 per cent increase in the levy will be needed to cover a shortfall of approximately $638,190, and an overall Municipal levy of $7,930,570.

That will add up to an approximately 20 cent increase on a Minden residential tax bill per $1,000 – Municipal share only, according to assessment values provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

The biggest increases in the levy are from the Roads and Environmental departments.

Of this 8.73 per cent increase, 4.07 per cent is related to an increased road budget while 3.07 per cent is related to an increased environmental budget.

Councilor Pam Sayne said she is against an increase in taxes with several residents on fixed incomes.

Mayor Brent Devolin mentioned that this is the cost of doing business and Deputy Mayor Cheryl Murdoch mentioned that grants from upper levels of government are not as high as they used to be.

Council hopes to have the 2018 budget finalized by mid-March.