Highlands East isn’t ready to make a decision on a trailer bylaw yet.

At January’s meeting Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Wayne Galloway, said he had noticed several vacant lots with travel trailers.

At the time, Galloway suggested charging residents who are living in trailers on vacant land.

However, council learned yesterday that if it plans to sell licences for the trailers, it can only charge enough to break even on the initiative.

Otherwise, it would be considered a tax.

Mayor Dave Burton says a big part of the draft bylaw is to make sure those residents occupying trailers have a plan to deal with waste water and sewage.

No licence fees were mentioned yesterday but Galloway suggested anywhere bewtween $800 to $1,200 when the issue was first brought to council in January.

Galloway adds most residents he has spoken with plan to build on the lots they own once their finances allow it.