Highlands East is getting 10 recommendations to help the municipality’s economy. The Business and Economic Development Committee has been working since late last year to understand the challenges of local businesses and come up with ways to support them. The vast majority of businesses in Highlands East say finding skilled labour is their biggest challenge. Recommendations dealing with the workforce include making youth aware of employment opportunities in the municipality, as well as training to help make current employees more skilled.

Committee Coordinator Joanne Vanier talks about other recommendations.

Vanier adds another recommendation in the report is that the county should hire an economic development officer.

The report goes onto say that the municipality will need improved broadband and mobile coverage and also adds that lack of transportation is a barrier to people finding employment. The county is currently looking into both issues.

The Eastern Ontario Regional Network was established with the goal of closing mobile broadband and high-speed internet gaps, while the county has a transportation taskforce looking into transit. You can see the list of recommendations here.

Eighty eight per cent of businesses say Highlands East good, or excellent, place to do business; attracting qualified employees is the biggest challenge