Highlands East Mayor Dave Burton feels everyone deserves an equal slice of the pie. Burton was referring to the $40,602.92 the municipality received from the Main Street Revitalization Funding from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. While decisions surrounding where the money will be spent still need to be made, Burton says he believes each ward should receive the exact same amount. That would work out to $10,150.73 for each of the four wards in Highlands East.

Under the rules of the grant, the money cannot be spent on any costs incurred before April 1st and must be used by March 31st of 2020. The money can be spent on initiatives like municipal marketing plans, signage in busy areas, as well as landscaping and streetscaping. Highlands East was originally supposed to receive just under $39,000 but all municipalities in Ontario ended up receiving a little more than originally expected.

O.M.A.F.R.A. funding gives townships and municipalities extra money to work with