Fewer guns are in Haliburton County. That’s according to the Haliburton Highlands O.P.P. which participated in the province-wide gun amnesty program in April. According to the local O.P.P., a total of 19 guns were collected last month. That includes four rifles, four shotguns, one prohibited firearm, and 10 other guns which include vintage and replica weapons, as well as 51 pieces of ammunition. Province-wide, 689 guns were turned over to police last month.

Even though the amnesty program has wrapped up, the police recommend people turn in unwanted weapons. Officers have the ability to exercise discretion when it comes to weapons-related charges. If you are thinking of turning a gun over to the police, the O.P.P. says you should never deliver a gun to a detachment. Call  1-888-310-1122 for more information.