The Mayor of Minden Hills in full support of an after-school program. Council heard a presentation from Program Organizer Amanda Duncombe earlier this month. Over 130 families were asked what the biggest barrier is to children’s recreation and close to 70 per cent said the lack of programming is the top issue. Approximately 45 per cent of respondents said activities are too costly and Mayor Brent Devolin says it can be out of reach for some families.

According to Dumbombe, the program would cost between $100,000 and $120,000 to implement and the township applied for a Trillium Foundation grant from the province to help offset the cost. Devolin says the pilot project currently happing in Dysart et al is a good blueprint to follow for a perspective after-school program in Minden.

There is no word on when the township will learn if the application is approved. Duncombe said on May 10th that if the application is denied, she would approach council once again and see if any money is available to launch a program The plan is to have after-school programming twice a week at Archie Stouffer Elementary School.

Minden Hills looking to establish after-school programming for the township’s students