Haliburton County councilors are concerned about the speeding on Kashagawigamog Lake Road. The road was changed to a community safety zone in 2007, but resident Robert Barnett says people are still speeding on the road. In a speed study by the county roads department, just over 60 per cent of the vehicles traveling on the road were over the speed limit. The Roads Committee agreed something needs to be done.

Barnett put forward the request for speed bumps to be installed, but said he’s not advocating for them. “I’m advocating for something that is effective,” Barnett expressed in his delegation to the Roads Committee on August 13.

In the report from Director of Public Works, Doug Ray, he informed the committee that Haliburton County OPP received a copy of the traffic data. “It is our understanding that they are not planning to take any further enforcement action at this point in time,” reads the report. Minden Hills Reeve Barb Reid expressed her concern saying we clearly have a problem and would like to know why OPP are not willing to increase surveillance on the road. She said she would like to see the county at least test using speed bumps on the road.

Dysart et al Reeve Murray Fearrey said speed bumps were effective in an area on Wigamog Road when similar problems were seen there. Councilor Liz Danielson said it is a serious problem but isn’t convinced speed bumps are necessarily the answer. Warden Dave Burton suggested the chair of CPAC (Community Police Advisory Committee), Carol Moffatt set a meeting with the OPP to discuss the issue. That meeting will be set and information will come back to the committee for a decision to be made at the next meeting.