Haliburton County is disappointed in the new OPP billing model. Minister Yasir Naqvi announced the model yesterday. County councilors met with Naqvi in July and were under the impression a different model would come forward. According to a press release today, Haliburton County policing costs will more than double over the next five years with no change in service.

In a press teleconference yesterday, the question was asked about communities will a large amount of seasonal properties and how it is fair for areas with a low number of permanent residence and a low number of calls for service. Naqvi said that although properties may not be occupied in the off-season, officers are still providing maintenance calls to these properties. He went on to explain that OPP service in these communities during the summer months increases due to the high activity.

In the Haliburton County press release, however, it is explained that there are no extra officers assigned to the area during the summer.

The OPP is scheduled to meet with each municipality in the fall to provide assessments so final costs can be determined.