It was announced today that the Government of Canada is making it mandatory for any bus travelling on highways to have seatbelts.

Any bus that weighs more than 4,356 kg is currently not required to have seatbelts. All buses that will be built September 1st, 2020 or later will be required by law to have seatbelts for all passengers.

With the exception of school buses, the only bus line in Haliburton County is Can-ar Coach that ferries people from Haliburton village to Toronto’s Union Station. Can-ar Coach currently uses buses purchased from other coach services, meaning that when this law is enacted they will be required to install seat belts or make the switch to newly manufactured coach buses with the seat belts already installed.

Beyond coach buses, there is a rideshare program in Haliburton County that pairs people in need with people that drive. The rideshare program has discussed the idea of using small buses to lessen the burden on individuals.  If this happens, they too will have to install seat belts by the 2020 deadline.

This regulation will not apply to school buses, but bus operators can install them on a voluntary basis as long as they meet requirements.