The Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit is urging swimmers and boaters to avoid going in water that has Blue-green algae in it.

According to, Blue-green algae can be hazardous to both humans and dogs. The algae is a naturally occurring organism, that is not normally visible in the water until large masses form.

The algae forms when there are high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen are in the water.

Currently the 600 plus lakes in Haliburton County have no reported cases of Blue-green Algae, but HKPR is encouraging everyone to keep an eye out, saying that high levels of the algae would turn the water a blue-ish green tint, and fresh blooms will smell like grass that has just been cut and old blooms like rotting garbage.

If you suspect the algae is in a body of water near you call the local health unit.