The OPP is warning of a new scam circulating by way of text message.

Residents and cottagers are being asked to double and triple check texts from unknown numbers before replying. There have been reports of a new SMS phishing scam making its way around the highlands. SMS phishing is a term used to describe when cybercriminals will send a text luring people into calling a fake number, going to a fake website, or in some cases download malicious content to your phone.

The Municipality of Highlands East and the OPP encourages anyone that gets texts from unknown numbers to not click on links attached to the message until you have confirmed that is the actual address, some scammers will make web addresses incredibly similar to real ones but with a slight variation. As well, legitimate companies will never ask you to disclose sensitive information over text message.

If you believe a text is a scam you can call the OPP to report it at 1-888-677-4873 option 9