The Haliburton Chamber of Commerce announced that the Canadian Chamber has filed their pre-budget suggestions to the federal government.

Within the submission was suggested that they continue to pursue exemptions from the Tariffs the U.S. has put in place, focus efforts on modernizing the rules around inter-provincial trading, and expand the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

Locally, the Haliburton Chamber of Commerce Manager Jennifer Locke says that as a member of the CCC they support the policies put forward by the chamber and that the HCC is part of a bigger picture by focusing on strengthening businesses in the community and ensuring that Haliburton County is considered whenever the CCC meets with the federal government.

The HCC also attempts to strengthen the local economy by encouraging shopping locally and posting jobs for businesses in their network. The Haliburton Chamber of Commerce is one of 200,000 businesses that the Candian Chamber of Commerce represents.