Statistics from this past holiday weekend have been totaled and they tell a grim tale.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) dealt with a tragic Civic Day Long Weekend with two children among the six people who died on OPP-patrolled roads.

It was the highest number of fatal road deaths since the 2011 August long weekend.

The weekend featured the Move Over campaign, with OPP laying 511 charges during the four day enforcement period.  That is up from 413 charges in 2017 and 471 in 2016.

In all the OPP laid 8,566 traffic-related charges. Over 5,000 were for speeding with 136 falling into the stunt driving category, with speeds in excess of 50 km over the posted limit.

In 2017 OPP laid 8,781 charges, with 5500 charges for speeding and 127 for street racing.