The Haliburton Lake Cottagers Association is looking to keep people in the know.

The Association shared the questions and topics of conversation from their August 19th ward five all candidates meeting. The first questions after the five-minute candidate introductions were centered around the conversion of the roads around Haliburton Lake to gravel, the person, who sent in the question via email, asked why with an increased tax base was so little focus given to maintaining the roads.

Another point to come from the meeting was a conversation about high-speed internet and phone coverage in the area. HLCA reports that there was an overall frustration with service levels for residents of Haliburton Lake.

Other topics that came up in the meeting were the upcoming marijuana legalization, septic inspections, O.P.P. service, shoreline preservation and questions about the role of council, the incineration of garbage and speed limit signs around Haliburton Lake.

All four municipalities have all-candidates meetings scheduled through September.