When the Committee of Adjustment meets on Friday, they will have a series of minor variances to go over.

On the schedule for the meeting is not one but four applications for changes to by-laws to allow construction of various buildings.

The first application is asking to build a 1,008 square foot dwelling on the property ten feet closer to the high water mark on their property, which would violate the minimum distance for a setback as stated in the Algonquin Highlands Official Plan. The application, if approved would allow the structure to be closer to the water.

The second application on the schedule is for a property owner hoping to convert a kitchen into a bunkie, and a bunkie into a kitchen. Which would need to be no closer than 55 feet from the high water mark and meets the sewer and construction mitigation requirements.

An addition to a home that includes a deck is the reason for the third application. The property owner is hoping to get a minor variance to allow the set back to be reduced from 100 feet to 28 feet.

A property owner on Wolf Lake is hoping to reduce the setback on their property to accommodate the second story of a potential new building.

In all cases, it is recommended the variances get conditional approval.