Runners and walkers all over the county are getting geared up for Hike Haliburton.

Haliburton County is less than a week away from the annual hiking festival. There is still time to register for 36 of the hikes, but the majority of them are already full. According to Amanda Virtanen, the Director of Tourism for Haliburton County, Hike Haliburton has already seen 1,400 people register, with more expected throughout this week.

Virtanen says that the festival organizers have already started planning the “biggest picnic ever” portion of the event that is expected to have Canadian Reggae band, the Sattalites, perform. The picnic is scheduled for the final day of the festival. Virtanen went on to say that $17,750 in revenue had already been collected and that Sponsorship goals were exceeded.

The first official hike starts next Wednesday in Tory Hill, with the final hike happening Sunday the 23rd.

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