Water and resource management are some of the questions being asked of Dysart’s candidates leading up to the municipal election.

The Coalition for Equitable Water Flow sent them questions focusing on those issues. Patrick Kennedy, Bram Lebo, Mike Stinson, John Smith and Glenn Scott all answered the questions.

The first question was simply if municipalities have a role in improving water management in the Haliburton section of the Trent River watershed. All of the candidates believed that the municipality does play a role in water management.

The second question asked the candidates what they would do to strengthen the municipality’s flood control plan.

Kennedy expressed that planning for emergencies is needed to ensure the safety of residents. Lebo said that he would support better flood mapping and robust long-term mitigation strategies.  Clarke says that floodplain mapping and identifying infrastructure that could be at risk during extreme weather is necessary. Stinson echoed the statement that flood control plans are needed.

Smith expressed that although Haliburton does not get the severity of flooding that other parts of the county get, he says that there needs to be a better understanding of the impact on high water levels to help direct any flood control talks. Scott said he supports initiatives to provide better flood control.

The third and final question asked was if the candidates agreed that the municipality should work with the lake associations, the Trent Severn Waterway and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to improve water management operations on flow-through lakes and reservoirs.

Kennedy expressed that water management is an important component to overall lake health. Lebo answered the question by agreeing and added that he believes our economy is based on the existence of safe and clean residential and recreational areas on the waterways.

Clarke encouraged the idea that water resources need a review to make sure that stakeholders are considered in the decisions affecting water levels. Stinson agreed to the question saying that all levels of government and lake associations should work together. John Smith suggested that the Coalition of Haliburton Property Owners’ Associations be added to the list of entities involved in the discussions. Scott believes that the municipal governments should collaborate with interested parties.

The questions and the full answers can be found by clicking here