The St. Paul’s Thrift Shop is hoping to get some fees waived by Minden Council.

Reverend Canon Joan Cavanaugh met with Minden Hills Council today asking the council to consider waiving the tipping fee that the shop faces taking things to the landfill. The shop has seen an increase over the past year in things being dumped there for them to deal with. Because of that, the thrift shop has started taking the items to the landfill and being charged per visit.

Cavanaugh pointed out to the council that the money raised by the thrift shop does not go into the church but rather into the community. Making the cost of taking other people’s trash to the landfill an expense that comes out of the church’s pocket. Cavanaugh added that the church has given $40,000 to charities this year.

Cavanaugh and her colleague brought to council, examples of things that people have been leaving at the thrift shop. Some things included a single shoe, pots and pans that are beyond repair, and not at the meeting but still mentioned was a bed that was left out in the rain and made so heavy that they needed movers just to get it to the landfill.

Minden Hills Mayor Brent Devolin says that he has “no problem’ in supporting their request. The decision on whether or not to waive their fees will be made later when the council meets again.