You may not live in Haliburton County full time, but your vote matters.

The Haliburton Lake Cottagers Association is urging that all part-time residents vote in the municipal election. In Dysart, the voter kits have been sent out to everyone on the voters’ list and the HLCA is encouraging the part-timers to mail in their ballots from their permanent home.

According to the HLCA, the voter turnout by non-resident property owners in Ward Four was only 32 per cent in the 2014 election. All that is needed to vote in a municipal election is to be 18 and older, a Canadian citizen, and you have to own property and pay taxes in the municipality. That means that anyone that owns a cottage or property in Haliburton County can vote in whichever municipality their property is in.

The final day of voting is October 22nd, but the HLCA suggests that if you don’t have your voter kit by now then you should contact the municipal office, the sooner the better.