Skaters and spectators are gearing up for the inaugural Junction Skatepark competition.

Junction Skatepark opened to the public this past summer after fundraising campaigns and the efforts of the community to provide teens and youth with their very own skatepark to use whenever.

The competition is the first event to happen at the park since the opening ceremony. Children and teens can compete in a variety of events.

Skaters will be competing in multiple trick contests including best trick up the euro. A euro gap is a ramp that has a raised platform at the top that skateboarders typically attempt to do a trick over. There’s also best lip trick which sees skaters performing tricks on the lip or edge of a part of the park. The best one minute run has the competitors trying to string together a series or “combo” of tricks in one minute. Sickest flyout is an event where the skaters try to do a trick while attempting to land on a flat surface outside of a half-pipe or ramped area.

The event starts at 2:00pm on October 14th and according to organizers “it ends when it ends.”

Although there is prizing available, the winners and spectators won’t know what they’ve won until the event is over to see what the prize is.