The Haliburton Heat Bank is looking for volunteers for its annual Hot Sauce Project.

The project sees volunteers cooking and selling hot sauce, with the profits going to people that are having issues heating their home.

The Heat Bank says the project is in partnership with Abbey Gardens which handles the cooking.  Local garden centres are in the midst of growing hot peppers for the project.

Volunteers through the fall can help with a variety of things, including connecting with the garden centres and seeing how the crop is doing.

Some of the other duties are arranging the collection of the peppers themselves, set dates to cook the hot sauce, arrange storage of the peppers until that cooking date, attend the cooking date, and lastly enjoying the finished product.

The Heat Bank says that any volunteer needs to be highly organized, a people person, enjoy the act of gardening, and they need to be passionate about the community. Other skills that would come in handy, but aren’t required, are the ability to promote and market the program, and basic graphic design skills.

If you want to volunteer with the Haliburton Heat Bank as part of their Hot Sauce Project you can email Tina Jackson at