The Ontario Government is trying to help small businesses train their staff more efficiently.

During the candidate’s meetings that went on through the election process, some candidates and voters feel that small businesses are the backbone of the economy in Haliburton County. Ontario officials are offering three steps to follow to make health and safety training go that much quicker and smoother.

The first step is to engage all of your staff in health and safety training. The government says engaging all of your staff in that process “gives your business a competitive advantage. With fewer disruptions and delays in production or service.”

Step two is informing your staff and supervisors that health and safety training is mandatory. The toolkit suggests that during the training, asking your supervisors and staff the hazards they are exposed to most and focus the training efforts to that hazard.

The third and final step is to review. The toolkit says that it is important to go over what you have learned. It is also reccommended that you follow up with your staff to see if there is anything that wasn’t covered that they would like to learn more about.

The toolkit and links to the resources available can be found by clicking here.