The potential restructuring¬†of the Ministry of Health could impact local health services, but it’s too soon to tell how.

Last week, it was announced that the Ministry of Health sent out a memo to all healthcare CEOs in Ontario that it could be restructuring.

The My Haliburton Now Newsroom spoke with the CEO of the Haliburton Highlands Health Services, Carolyn Plummer, who says “its too early to tell what the impact will be.” Plummer says that one part of the memo suggests that the changes would allow end-to-end management of health services, adding that the HHHS already has a number of services integrated together which Plummer feels, has put the health services in a good position.

Plummer says that as of now there hasn’t been much clarity in terms of what the memo means or how it will come together. She adds that she is not sure if parts of changes suggested will have a direct impact on HHHS.

Whatever the impact, Plummer says that as things become clear she will be updating her board reports to give clarity on the direction the provincial government will be taking on health care.