Now that the election is in the past, Brent Devolin is looking to the future.

The My Haliburton Now Newsroom spoke to the newly re-elected Brent Devolin about what is in store for Minden Hills over the next four years. Devolin says that the majority of council is the same but adds that “there are a couple of new players.” Devolin says that the first step for the council is to bring the new members up to date on what the existing council has already started working on.

Devolin says that with five members of council returning, the next four years will follow in the same vein of the previous term. “I don’t think there are any surprises or changes coming, that we haven’t already started,” says Devolin, adding that economic growth, housing, and a community hub are all things that council will work towards.

The returning mayor says that the community centre in Minden saw over 180,000 user hours in 2017, adding that its a well-established community centre. Devolin says that council wants to be sure that the hub can be used for another 45 years. He added, “we need to be responsible and refresh an asset… to serve our community the way it has the past 40 years.”

“I think its time for a serious discussion and analysis,” said Devolin referring to the idea of altering the five-tier government system in place in the Haliburton Highlands.

Devolin says that the election was a humbling experience and is thankful for the support through the process.