Films from all over the world are coming to Haliburton County starting tomorrow.

Tomorrow marks the first day of the Haliburton International Film Fest. This three-day event features films from Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany and France.

This will be the 12th running of the film fest, and the theme for this year’s films is “being your own Hero.” The festival is open to the public, the cost of buying a pass to screen all of the films will cost $60. Whereas the individual tickets are $10 per show, HIFF organizers say that the individual tickets are only sold at the door while supplies last.

The film screening starts at 6:00pm Friday, with the final film of the night starting at 8:15pm. The one entirely Canadian film “Indian Horse” airs at 7:30pm on Saturday.

In total there are seven films being shown over the three-day event, and only two of them are in English. All of the foreign language films will have subtitles.

More information can be found on their website