Haliburton County Staff is apologetic for the confusion they caused by removing a historical society sign.

A simple misunderstanding led to a county-wide hunt for a sign owned by the historical society. The public works department of Haliburton County took full responsibility for the historical society thinking that their sign was stolen.

Brian Mulholland, an Engineering Assistant in public works, said that county staff took the sign down to try and preserve it through the winter, adding that the society not being aware of that was a simple miscommunication. Mulholland says that the county was responsible for installing the sign so they just took it on themselves to take it down before the weather damaged it in any way.

Mulholland says that although his department feels bad over the miscommunication, they might make it that in situations like this, the county won’t be responsible for putting up or taking down signs of this nature.

The “Break Wagon Hill” sign in question is going to be re-installed in the spring.