Algonquin Highlands council is expected to go over potential changes to the charges and fees by-law.

Every year, the township goes over the charges and fees by-law to adjust the numbers says Matt Gower, the Municipal Clerk. Gower says that the numbers are adjusted every year to account for cost recovery, inflation and other factors that push the township to adjust the costs.

Some of the notable changes include a $50 increase to the building permit fees and a $275 decrease in the cost attached to the on-site sewage system. The proposed changes would see the fee for renting snowshoes going up by $5, the cost of skis boots and poles for adults 18 or older would go up by $3 to a total of $28, and the same rental for people under 18 would be going up by $2.

According to the report detailing the proposed changes, the majority of increased costs is to reflect market value.

The meeting to go over the proposed changes is happening Thursday, December 13th during the regular meeting of council.