Parking may be free, but there is still a limit on how long you’re allowed to.

The municipality of Dysart et al has made parking free downtown. But Kristen Boylan, the bylaw enforcement officer, says that doesn’t mean you can park your car and leave it there all day.

Boylan says that Dysart council decided to make parking free at the request of the Haliburton BIA. Boylan says that the decision was to encourage people to do their holiday shopping in Haliburton Village without having to spend money on parking as well.

Boylan tells My Haliburton the Municipal Parking Bylaw 2010-42 is still in effect, meaning there is a two-hour maximum for how long you can be parked.

Boylan explains that so far the bylaw enforcement team is trying to take an educational approach to the two-hour limit but adds that if the two-hour limit keeps getting ignored they will be forced to start ticketing anyone that breaks the bylaw.