If you are heating your home with a wood stove, here are some tips to be safe.

With winter in full swing, people all over the county are using wood stoves to keep the cold at bay, but like all heating appliances they can be dangerous so My Haliburton Now.com has compiled some tips to be as safe as possible.

My Haliburton Now.com spoke with Dysart et al Fire Chief Mike Iles, who says that if you are using a wood stove you need to clean it regularly. He also says that you need to be making sure that your stove is WETT certified. WETT is the Wood Energy Technology Transfer, a non-profit training and education association. They certify heating appliances after training courses are done and the appliance has been inspected. As well Iles says that you need to be getting your chimney cleaned regularly because creosote is highly combustible

More safety tips come from the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Associations, who says if you are using a wood stove you need to keep children and pets away from the stove by at least three feet, they also say when you clear out the ashes that you should be covering them with a metal lid and keeping them at least 10 feet away from the home because they will stay hot for a long time. FOCA says you should have a smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector nearby as well.

Aside from things that you should be doing, FOCA says that you should not make a fire bigger than the stove can handle, let ashes build up in the stove, and finally do not burn anything other than wood in the stove.

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