Stopping the late bus from going to and from the high school was not an easy decision to get to.

The reason for the Haliburton Highlands Secondary School ending the late bus to Minden, Carnarvon, and West Guilford is a complicated one according to the school’s principal Chris Boulay.

Boulay spoke to My Haliburton about the cancellation of the bus, and he says the school had been running a late bus to those towns since September, adding they were able to do the late buses thanks to funding from the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. Boulay says the school had already cancelled the bus to Wilberforce, Cardiff and Harcourt many weeks ago.

Boulay expressed the cancellation of the Minden run was because the funding to do that run has run out. He adds the fall season is much busier for extracurricular activities so the use and need for the bus was there. Boulay says this impacted the decision, but ultimately when budgets run out, the service could not be continued.

Boulay stated his time as principal is limited since he started the position this year, but he says to his understanding the use of the late bus has gone down over the past couple of years.

The principal expressed perhaps the bus will come back in the future, adding he is willing to brainstorm how to make it happen.