Lock up your valuables or they could get taken is the message of the O.P.P.

With the holiday season in full swing, the O.P.P. is pushing people to follow the lock it or lose it thought process to keep your things from being stolen.

Central region O.P.P. Sergeant, Jason Folz, says the message is clear with the Lock it or Lose it campaign. According to Folz, the campaign is simple, lock up your car and home if you don’t want things to be taken.

The O.P.P. as a whole recommends that people lock their car and take the key with them when they walk away from the car, it is also encouraged that even if you park in a garage that you lock your car anyway. Some other advice offered by Ontario’s police force is to never leave your vehicle unattended and to store any valuables out of sight and locked away.

Folz says that although the majority of O.P.P.’s jurisdiction is rural communities, people need to lock their cars and homes. He adds that many feel they don’t have to lock their car thinking thefts are uncommon in rural areas.

Folz explains this campaign is emphasized this time of the year because people spend lots on gifts and valuable items for the holidays and those things can be taken if you don’t take steps to protect them.

Folz suggests “the best advice we can give you, is lock your stuff up and put your valuables out of sight.”