Dysart et al’s new councillor have officially started the new term.

Yesterday afternoon, people made their way into the Dysart et al council chambers to witness the swearing-in of the municipalities new councillors, deputy mayor and mayor.

Although several members of council remain from the last term, including the now mayor Andrea Roberts, there is a trio of new members in Patrick Kennedy, John Smith, and Tammy Donaldson.

Once they were officially sworn-in, the new Mayor started her speech by saying she was eager to get going. Roberts explains that she has been on council for several years and felt there was a lot of wonderful accomplishments done by the previous administration but adds she feels there is a lot of good yet to come. Roberts took a moment while giving her speech to point out that Haliburton County residents all chose to live here, adding although there are things that are not in the area, things that cannot be bought like compassion and caring are prevalent in the community.

According to Mayor Roberts, there are slight changes coming to Dysart including the formation of an infrastructure committee, the moving of council meetings to the fourth Tuesday of the month and she says she will have regular office hours to give the public time to come and chat with her about concerns. Roberts tells the crowd that she plans to lead with an open mind, integrity, and respect.

One of the new members of the council, Patrick Kennedy, the now deputy mayor says that although Dennis Casey had been running against him, after the election results, Casey contacted Kennedy and explained his full support was behind Kennedy for the next four years. Another new councillor Larry Clarke says that Casey reportedly showed him around the ward Clarke now represents and Clarke says he was thankful for that.

Dysart et al’s next meeting is on December 17th.