Food banks, community kitchens and other food services can get free food from the Pinestone Resort.

The Community Food Share Program is designed as such that non-perishable food items are diverted because part of a shipment was damaged en route. The damaged containers are thrown away, and the “rescued” food is redirected to a storage depot where Jarrett Campbell Trucking picks up the food and delivers it to Pinestone. Once at the resort, an email is sent to the food banks and programs letting them know the food is ready for them.

Pinestone General Manager, John Teljeur, reportedly tried a similar project two years ago, but Teljeur is hopeful this program will help those in need.

Teljeur says “We’re tapping into our relationships with vendors to do something that benefits the area we live and work,” he adds “For us, this is what being a community partner is all about.”

If all goes to plan, there is a hope by those involved when the program is fully underway they could see two to three shipments come to the resort a month.

Anyone non-profit organization that wants to get involved can contact Teljeur at 705-457-1800 ext 4258, or email