Algonquin Highlands is the latest to say it is going to allow the sale of pot.

After receiving a review of the impact retail cannabis stores would have on the departments of the Township of Algonquin Highlands, the council voted to approve opting in to allow retail locations in the township.

Algonquin Highlands Chief Administrative Officer, Angie Bird, detailed in the report presented that like other municipalities they will receive up to $10,000 in funding to help get the retailers off the ground. Bird noted that all of the departments will update the fit for work policy to reflect marijuana use.

For the Public Works Department, the already happened legalization and the upcoming sale of cannabis in stores, Bird noted that there will likely be an increase in cannabis bi-products coming through the landfills. As well, the landfills might start seeing an increase in high-pressure sodium grow bulbs that are used for the growing and care of the cannabis plant.

According to Bird, the effect this has on the Building and Bylaw Department will primarily be the enforcement of bylaws. In Ontario, cannabis smoking falls under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. This means marijuana smokers are not allowed within nine metres of a hospital entrance, within 20 metres of a school or playground or within nine metres of a restaurant or outdoor patio. Alternatively, smokers are allowed to consume the product on public sidewalks, privates residences and hotels/motels that allow smoking. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act is currently enforced by the health unit.

Pot is expected to hit the shelves in April.