The Rotary Club is converting a skate park into a skating rink.

Haliburton Village is getting a spot for hockey fun thanks to the Rotary Club of Haliburton County. Andrea Mueller, the Recreation Program Coordinator for Dysart et al, says the club is going to be converting the old skate park into a rink for winter use and a ball hockey area for the summer.

Mueller says the club is going to be buying slightly used boards and they are going to put them up on the cement pad at the skate park. Once the boards are up and the rink is built, parks staff will be tasked with maintaining it, which Andrew Wilbee, the Parks and Recreations Manager, says would take roughly ten hours a week to do so. Mueller says that even though staff are responsible for the maintenance, people that used the skating rinks on Head Lake typically did their own little maintenance anyway.

Mueller explains she felt this is needed given the number of calls she gets asking where people can do outdoor skating, followed immediately by the person on the phone being upset there are no options.

Walt McKechnie, Councillor for Ward Five and former Toronto Maple Leaf player, suggests that down the line there be some kind of awning or roof put in above the rink so that the maintenance is significantly lower in the future.