Haliburton’s Rotary Club has finished the 2018 Good Food Box Program.

Earlier this week, the Rotarians conducted the final good food collection for 2018. The Good Food Box is an initiative put on by the Rotary Club every year to help feed those in need. The goal of the program is to provide quality food to people who deal with food insecurity.

According to the Rotary Club, the last collection of the year managed to result in 258 bags of food being delivered around the county. Rotarian Brian Nash tells My Haliburton now.com the annual campaign managed to collect over 3,000 bags of food, which he believes fed 420 to 500 people a month. Nash explains year to year the usage and amount of food collected varies, adding this year was up by about seven to eight per cent. Nash emphasized the increase in donations is impressive but the usage going up is not a good sign.

Nash says the program is coming back next year, and he explains that the Good Food Box Program has a Facebook page people should look at and make use of. According to Nash, the Facebook page has the contact information for the places to collect the food from, and the delivery and collection schedules.

Nash explained a big part of the program is getting people to know the program exists and helping give food insecure people “good food.”