Eating with your family could lead to better food choices and healthier children.

The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge Health Unit, with the help of, is encouraging people to make a point of eating with family or loved ones.

According to HKPR, eating with others is linked to eating healthier food and healthier weights in children. HKPR took to Twitter to pose this idea, as well as a link to who offer tips and ideas to healthier eating.

UnlockFood suggests that when you are eating with family to do so without the TV because eating with it on it tends to lead to children eating fattier foods. As well, it says adults and children alike run the risk of over-eating if they are watching tv while enjoying a meal.

The food-focused website also suggests that eating as a family gives children a sense of security knowing when they will eat. Eating as a family also encourages your loved ones to share how they are feeling and teaches about cultural traditions attached to food.

In terms of food preparation, the website says preparing healthy food as a family to teach children the importance of healthy eating as they develop.

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