Parents in Haliburton County and City of Kawartha Lakes can make use of a Child Care Registry.

Both municipal governments are encouraging parents to sign up for the One HSN Child Care Registry. According to Kawartha Lakes Staff, the registry launched on May 1st and is designed for “one-stop shopping” for parents. Another goal of the registry says Kawartha Lakes, is to reduce the effort needed by parents in finding a licenced child-care space.

Kawartha Lakes tells My Haliburton that the registry allows parents to sign up and find out the child-care locations closest to them. Once the parents register they can add their child to waiting lists at the different locations and once space opens up, they are contacted. Once registered, Kawartha Lakes says you can apply for multiple spaces at once as opposed to individual applications per space.

As of July, the Compass Early Learning and Care Centre in Minden had 48 available spots after the province gave the City of Kawartha Lakes $750,000 to increase the total number of spaces at the centre. Child-care spaces were a point of concern through the summer as the Ontario Early Years Centre in Minden was expected to close due to a lack of funding, only to be saved at the fifth hour.