Don’t expect early warnings for bus cancellations to become the norm in Haliburton.

Last night, the Trillium Lakelands District School Board cancelled buses running to all of its schools for this morning. District Manager of Corporate Communications Catherine Shedden says this was a unique decision made by Director of Education Larry Hope in consultation with board members and staff.

“We were deeply concerned about the extreme weather warnings, with [the] danger of frostbite within moments of exposure,” says Shedden. “We didn’t want children out waiting for a bus, especially with the possibility of buses having difficulty starting, running late, that sort of thing.”

But, Shedden says this type of early warning likely won’t happen again. She says there are a few factors why they generally wait until the morning to make a final decision on cancellations.

“Changing patterns of weather, different areas of our board, our bus operators making the decision about whether it’s safe to be on the road.”

Environment Canada had warned temperatures across the county were likely to get as low as minus 40 with the wind chill this morning. The Arctic weather is expected to continue into Tuesday morning.