Algonquin Highlands is hoping for more use of some programming to warrant keeping it running.

With budget talks in full swing, the Township of Algonquin Highlands is weighing various costs that could be cut or reduced and the Dorset Day Camp program was a point of concern.

The Mayor of Algonquin Highlands, Carol Moffatt, asked the Manager of Parks Rec and Trails Chris Card what his plan was for the program, which he responded to by saying that they have budgeted more for the programming in hopes that it will be used more.

Card told the Algonquin Highlands councillors, that in the past the township has always taken a loss on that front, but adds that the budget for this year will be used for more themed activities and programming as opposed to what it has been, a drop-in daycare.

Card suggested that the amount he has asked for the programming is more than it has been, but suggests that with more specific themes it will be bringing in more clientele and perhaps bring the program up to a point that it is not a loss for the town.

Julia Shortreed, a councillor in Algonquin Highlands, suggested that better marketing could do it some good, saying that she has heard people ask relatively frequently if such a day camp exists. That was a sentiment that got echoed by the Deputy Mayor Liz Danielson, who felt that better programming and marketing of that programming would hopefully bring in more people.

Upon Card’s suggestion, council agreed the best course of action is that they continue offering the day camp, with an increase in programming and marketing and if it does not get more use they will consider shutting it down entirely.