Haliburton County is continuing its contract for salt at a higher price thanks to limited options.

Craig Douglas, the Haliburton County Director of Public Works, got the go-ahead to renew the county contract with K&S Windsor Salt Company. The only catch is the cost of salt has gone up by approximately 2.5 per cent which means roughly $80.40 a tonne.

Douglas explained that Haliburton County, as well as several other agencies, entered into a contract with K&S back in 2015. The contract was for a three-year term with an option for two extra years based on how satisfied the agencies were.

Douglas said that staff has been satisfied with the salt up to this point, and that is why he was looking to renew the contract. Douglas asked for the approval now so the county could lock in a guaranteed price.

Douglas emphasized that there is not a lot of salt available thanks to the poor winter conditions.

That made Algonquin Highlands Mayor Carol Moffatt ask at what point does the Roads Department look at other options.

Douglas responded by saying that each year alternatives are looked at and suggested that there is no real economic benefit to proposed alternatives right now.

Minden Hills Mayor, Brent Devolin, echoed that saying that each year he asks the Minden Hills Roads Department for alternatives to very limited success.