Businesses are being encouraged to make use of a guide to helping them navigate mental health concerns in the workplace.

Mental Health Works, a national social enterprise led by the Canadian Mental Health Association, has created a guide called Mental Health in the Workplace: An Accommodation Guide for Managers and Staff.

CMHA says the guide is designed to help managers and staff better understand mental health and how to help colleagues with mental health concerns, as well as how to appropriately accommodate the worker in need. The guide is divided into three parts to build awareness around mental health as a whole.

Another goal of the guide is to teach appropriate responding skills and encourage collaboration among employees to make a business more accessible

Jim Harris of CMHA Ontario says “as public awareness of mental health increases, more and more employers have a desire to provide mental health support to their employees.”

He goes on to say “by looking at accommodation specifically through a mental health lens with our guide, employers are starting to prioritize mental health on the same level as physical health.”

The guide can be found by clicking here.