The Minister of Labour is going on the defensive after an editorial questioned why the province delayed the Wage Transparency Act.

Laurie Scott, the MPP for Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, is pushing back after an editorial in the Toronto Star directly named her while questioning why the Conservative government chose International Women’s Day to announce they would be delaying the introduction of the act.

Scott released a statement the day after the Star article, saying that her ministry launched a consultation for the wage act back in February.

An idea that the Star article questions, suggesting that the previous Liberal government had done year-long consultations on the subject. Scott responded to that by saying “the previous Liberal government promised to consult on the act’s regulations and reporting requirements. However, the people of Ontario intervened and elected our PC government.”

Scott said, “our government is committed to hearing directly from the people and the job creators touched by this legislation.”

Defending the work the province, and more directly the work she had done, since the election, Scott pointed out that she led the repeal of Bill 148 stopping the minimum wage increase. As well Scott stated the employment statistics as of Friday showed that the economy has created 23,000 full-time jobs for women in February.

Another point brought up by the minister was the fact that women’s unemployment fell to 5.3 per cent.

Scott closed out her written statement by saying “finally, I am proud of my record fighting for women and children at Queen’s Park, on issues ranging from economic quality and human sex trafficking.”